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21/04/18 “Completely proud to be part of this event which of course took place on Windrush Square by the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton where hundreds of amazing people gathered to share important accounts of solidarity and to stand up to racism” Rachel read out a letter she wrote to the Jamaican Prime Minister at the Windrush Rally, read it here


20/04/18 Video: Watch Rachel’s address at Windrush Square, Brixton:

More pictures from last night’s event where a thousand turned up in Brixton in solidarity with the Windrush Generation on this Brixton Buzz article

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20/040/18 Statement on the Housing Crisis in Lambeth:

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Solidarity with the Windrush generation and their families.
Brixton Respects, Brixton protects
Solidarity Rally with the Windrush generation and their families.
Speakers from the community, trade unions and local councillors

Join us in the place that celebrates the remarkable contribution of African and Caribbean men and women to this country. They built the NHS and worked hard against all odds and racism to maintain public services and communities across the UK.

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15/04/08: “When Windrush Square was renamed in honour of the communities which have given so much to this country libations were poured around the tree at its centre by elders: this tree and Brixton celebrate the immense contribution of our African & Caribbean people and they are ALWAYS welcome here” Guardian: The Children of the Windrush: ‘I’m here legally but they’re asking me to prove I’m British’

“Utterly immoral & cowardly. I’d like 10 Downing street to visit Windrush Square in Brixton, and stand by the memorial to African & Caribbean Service Personnel, & explain themselves”. Guardian: No 10 refuses Caribbean request to discuss children of Windrush 


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15/04/18 ” Top day out and about in Brixton, enjoying the sunshine and chatting to all the wonderful people who passed by, thank you to all who spoke to me, came to show support and helped with leaflets, I salute you, thank you”


The damning letter from Lambeth Labour appointed trustees of the Carnegie Community Trust to Central Government cataloguing an extraordinary series of errors and incompetencies in the implementation of the plans to turn the Carnegie Library into a private gym.    Read the letter in full

Click here to Read Article from Brixton Blog: Council reported to MPs over Carnegie Library

Rachel Heywood addresses the 2000 strong demonstration in Windrush Square following the end of the Carnegie Library Occupation, April 2016. 

12/04/18 Rachel Re-issues her letter from two years ago today: Click to read: ‘Why I broke ranks’ PDF

Rachel Signs Defend the Ten Pledge to keep all ten libraries open and fully staffed

Rachel declared she will stand as Independent for Coldharbour ward on April 6th 2018. Here is the full statement. Click to Read: Local Elections 2018 – Rachel’s Declaration

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